isntsheironic asked:
Hey guys! Just wondering when you're playing in Penrith? Would be a privilege to come and watch! X

Yo, we’re playing on the 8th at Tattersalls in Penrith. About 10:30pm. Yew!

triquetrum asked:
hahah, I said I enjoyed your show & you guys said you were coming back soon and asked where that was from (I'm assuming you maybe thought I was from America?) When are you guys set to come back?

Aaah right.
Well we’re back in Sydney now. Gonna play 3 shows over the next 2 weeks in Sydney… Manly, Bondi and Penrith. Then we’re pretty much doing Aussie shows until the end of the year. (with a few cheeky shows in New Caledonia at the end of August).

samldean asked:
Release an album plz. Tomorrow

Well we’re working on a bunch of different recordings now. Kinda just experimenting with what comes next. We’ve got a heap that are sounding pretty nice so maybe an album should next.

We’re playing in VENTURA, CA on Saturday for @surfrodeo at 3pm. Thanks to the the team for lending us some boards the other day. #limeusatour #ventura #surfrodeo #venturamusic

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